Cezanne: Best Veteran at the Belgian Hound Club Show

Judged by Bas Bosch 19-June-2011

At the Belgian Hound Club Show, 19th June 2011, not only was Cezanne Best Veteran,
out of the ten black and tans shown, he as the Best Black and Tan.

The Judge was Bas Bosch of the old Dutch Bloodhound Affix v.d. Oeienbos

Cezanne was qualified 'excellent' with the following critique:

"Beautiful type, impressive masculine appearance in exceptional condition for his age
Good length & depth of body.  Masculine head properly stretched.
Best eye quality.  Beautiful lip and pleats.
Expression of skull rather solid but fitting in total picture.
Beautiful dark eye with very dignified expression.
Beautiful bone and feet.
Angulations in the front and back in balance.
Best lining, much rib, excellent croup, heavy tail beautifully fitted and worn."

Cezanne Best Veteran at the Netherlands Bloodhound Club Show

Judged by Suzanne Emrys Jones 29-May-2011

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Cezanne finishing his line at

the Bloodhound Club Trials, Chesham, March 2011

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Cezanne giving tongue while awaiting his Intermediate Line

at the Belgian Trials, Lier, November 2010

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